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GT-I07 Battery Burning Tester

Battery burning tester is suitable for fire resistance/flammability testing of lithium battery, battery pack, mobile phone, notebook computer and other small electronic consumer products battery. The main function is to observe a series of changes and the impact force produced by exploding after being heated by flames.

SJ/T11169-1998(eqv UL 1642:1995); SJ/T11170-1998(eqv UL 2054:1997); UL 1642[13]
GB8897.4—2002; IEC60086-4:2000

Key Specification
Model GT-I07
Control mode PLC human touch interface
Burner Bunsen burner, nozzle diameter of 9.5mm, 100 mm long
Flame application time 0 ~ 999.9 seconds, ± 0.1 seconds
Test hole diameter 102mm
Test mesh sieve A stainless steel wire with a diameter of 0.43 mm (0.017 inch) was woven into a mesh containing 20 mesh screens.
Ignition controller Remote control ignition, test process automatic control
Remote wire-controlled distance: no barrier, 10 meters
Remote wire-controlled distance No barrier, 10 meters
Height between flame and mesh screen 38mm
Test octagonal hood width The distance between each pair of 24"(610mm), octagonal, while eight faces are removable, making it easy to replace and disassemble.
Test octagonal height 12 "(305mm)
Octagonal cover material Aluminum mesh, made of aluminum wire with a diameter of 0.010inch (0.25mm) into a mesh containing 16-18 mesh per inch
Test section Stainless steel, one side of the 5mm thick tempered glass, can be witnessed test state, while the top of the protective box with exhaust fan, and set aside external exhaust pipe interface.
Test protection warehouse volume 750×750×1000mm
Controller volume 200×150×1000mm
Combustion gas methane
Power supply 1∮, 220V, 50 / 60Hz
Equipment power 0.75kW
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