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GT-I02 Battery Pack Drop Testing Machine

The battery pack drop tester is used to simulate drop impact on packaging boxes, single batteries, battery modules, battery packs or systems and structural parts during use, transportation, loading and unloading. Artificial presentation of different situations that may occur when the battery system is impacted by a drop, which is used to evaluate the impact resistance of the battery pack or system.
The drop test height of the large battery pack drop tester can be preset in advance, and the positioning will automatically stop when the test piece rises to the preset height. The distance between the test support arms can be adjusted according to different sizes of products, and the width can be adjusted electrically. The release mechanism of the testing machine is free, flexible and reliable, ensuring that the specimen is not affected by any external force at the moment of release and during a free fall, thereby ensuring the required falling state of the specimen.

Key Specification
Model GT-I02
Drop height 300~1500mm (adjustable)
Specimen weight 600kg
Specimen size 2500mm×1500mm×600mm (± 50mm)(Can be customized)
Test direction Battery pack Z axis direction
Test coupons Power packs or systems, or modules or batteries
Protection devices The upper and lower sensing type protection device
Drive mode Motor drive up and down
Drop mode Free fall
Safety devices Equipment with leakage, over-voltage, over-current protection and alarm
Working power AC380V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Weight ≈2500kg
Power 10kW
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