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GT-I06 Battery Squeeze Acupuncture Testing Machine

This machine is suitable for simulating various types of lithium battery storage batteries in the transportation, use, storage, disposal of household waste, etc., during which the battery is squeezed by external force, and penetrated by the sharp objects. The test results are used to evaluate the battery safety performance.

Key Specification
Model GT-I06
Power transmission method Hydraulic servo
A) Two plates grip the battery
B) When the tested sample is gripped by the two plates, it can begin to crush.
Pressure 13kN
Force display accuracy 0.1N
Resolution 1/10000
Compression space W300×D300×H300mm(or custom with the battery size)
Distance of compression 300mm
Test speed 0~100mm/s
Holding time 1s~9999h (arbitrary set)
Cable port Diameter 50mm on the left side of the chamber
Interior material A3 painted steel
Exterior material SUS#304
Power 380V, 50~60Hz
Dimension (mainframe) 66×53×168cm
Dimension (controller) 55×35×100cm
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