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GT-I05 Battery Extrusion Testing Machine

The battery squeeze tester is suitable for simulating various types of lithium battery storage batteries in the transportation, use, storage, disposal of household waste, etc., during which the battery is squeezed by external force, and penetrated by the sharp objects. The test results are used to evaluate no explosion and fire will be caused.

IEC62133-2-2017; UN38.3; GB 31241-2014; UL 1642; UL 2054

Key Specification
Model GT-I05
Maximum pressure range 0~20kN
Pressure display accuracy 0.01N
Sensor resolution 1/100,000
Control mode PLC automatic control mode
Unit Conversion kg, N, lb
Displacement resolution 0.05 mm
Testing speed 0.01~20mm/s, adjustable
Compression space 300×300×300mm (W×H×D)
Machine crush stroke 200mm
Crush plate Dia. 20cm or 15cm round squeezing board
Delay function 0~9999s (test time can be set and adjusted arbitrarily)
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