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GT- I17 Temperature Shock Tester (Anti-explosion)

Key Specification
Model GT-I17
Testing chamber size 400*400*500mm (W*D*H)
Effective volume of testing chamber 80L
Temperature range -40℃~150℃
Temperature resolution 0.01℃
Temperature fluctuation ≤±0.5℃
Temperature deviation ≤±2.0℃
Temperature uniformity ≤±2.0℃
Heating rate -40℃~+75℃, done in 30min (non-linear controlled)
Cooling rate +75℃~-40℃, done in30min (non-linear controlled)
Cooling method Air cooling
Power supply 3∮, 380VAC±10%, 50Hz Three-phase five-wire system, can be grounded.
Output power 6kW
Machine dimension 700*1400*1650mm (W*D*H)
Weight About 250kg
Temperature and Humidity of Electric Heating Cycle System
Heating system Fin-type nickel-chromium alloy electric heating tube (more reliable than heating wire heater, with longer service life)
Circulation motor Special moisture-proof and heat-dissipating design, stainless steel extended shaft low-pressure induction cycle motor, to ensure long-term operation and sufficient air volume for running.

Centrifugal Blower Wheel
Consists of multiple high and low temperature resistant aluminum alloy blade
Circulating air duct The temperature regulating air duct is designed with double ducts, which is connected with the working chamber. The air blows out from the top and returns from bottom. The shelf is made of high-quality cold-formed stainless steel, and the air outlet uses adjustable shutters. A heater is equipped in the middle of the regulating air duct.
Air deflector It can be adjusted up and down, left and right to ensure uniform temperature distribution.
Heating device It adopts far-infrared nickel-chromium alloy high-speed heating electric heater, which has anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, and over-temperature protection function.
Temperature sensor PT100 temperature sensor is used to detect the temperature test value in the induction box with high precision.
Safety System
Whole machine protection system 1) Limit over-temperature protector
2) Over-temperature protector
3) No fuse protection switch
Heating protection system 1) Heater over-temperature protection switch
Refrigeration protection system 1) Compressor high and low pressure protection
2) Compressor overload and overheat protection
3) Compressor overcurrent protection switch
4) Condensing fan overload protection switch
Water supply system protection 1) Abnormal protection of humidification water supply
2) Humidification and water shortage abnormal alarm protection
Power protection system 1) Under-phase and reverse-phase protection switch
2) Leakage protection switch
3) Ceramic fast acting fuse protection
4) Full protection mode terminal
5) Overload short circuit protection
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