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GT-I02B Battery Free Fall Testing Equipment

This machine is used to test the battery samples from different heights and different angles and fall freely on the falling bottom plates of different materials to test the safety performance of the battery. At the same time, this testing machine is also suitable for free fall test of mobile phone, walkie-talkie, electronic dictionary, building intercom, CD/MD/MP3 and other small consumer products and parts.
According to the drop height required by the test, the free fall falls on the concrete slab or on the wooden board, and the drop height is adjustable.

Key Specification
Model GT-I02B
Maximum weight of test piece 5kg±100g
Drop height 300~1500mm (adjustable)
Height resolution 0.1mm
Height display accuracy 1mm
Drop height display PLC, minimum indication 1mm
Control mode Height setting, drop, rise and other actions are set by the PLC controller
Clamping method Air pressure adsorption type
Lifting method Electric lifting
Drop mode Automatic fall
Drop floor material Concrete board, wood board steel sheet
Drop angle Multi-angle (Ling, Angle, Face)
Air pressure 1MPa (customer-owned gas source)
Floor size 500×600×10mm
Machine size 600×700×1650mm
Weight 100kg
Power source 1∮220V, 3A, 60W
Standard IEC 62133
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