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GT-I12 Electromagnetic Vibration Test Bench

The electromagnetic vibration testing system simulates the vibration environment under the laboratory condition to test the reliability and safety for batteries during various vibration environments. The test results will be used to evaluate the batteries will not get explosion, fire, and break.

Key Specification
Model GT-I12
Electromagnetic excitation generator Maximum sinusoidal excitation force 300Kg.f peak
Maximum random excitation force 300Kg.f r.ms
Maximum impact excitation force 600Kg.f peak
Frequency range DC1~3000 Hz
Maximum displacement 25 mm p-p
Maximum speed 1.8m/s
Maximum acceleration 100G(980 m/s2)
Maximum sinusoidal excitation force 300Kg.f peak
F=M(kg) ×A(g) 5G(49m/s2) 10G(98m/s2) 20G(196m/s2) 30G(294m/s2)
57kg 27kg 12kg 7kg
Maximum load (dynamic circle) 120 kg
Vibration isolation frequency 2.5 Hz
Moving coil diameter (work surface diameter) Ф150 mm
Vertical expansion countertop 400×400 mm
Extended countertop equivalent quality 15 kg
Dynamic mass 3kg
Extended table top load 90Kg
Countertop screw 13×M8
Magnetic leakage <10gauss
Equipment size 750mm×560mm×670mm
Equipment weight About 460kg
SA-3K Digital switching power amplifier Output power 4kVA
Output voltage 100V
Output current 30A
Signal to noise ratio ≥65dB
Harmonic distortion (resistive load) <1.0%
Output voltage measurement error ≤5%
Output current crest factor ≥3
DC stability The output zero drift is not greater than 50mv/8h
Frequency response 5-3500Hz ±3dB
Amplifier size 720mm×545mm×1270mm
Weight 230kg
Servo protection system Function: Temperature, air pressure, over-displacement, over-voltage, over-current, input under-voltage, external fault, control power, logic fault, input deficiency
Digital vibration controller VCSusb-2 Hardware configuration 2 channel input, 1 output channel
Control computer Original Lenovo computer, LCD display (including keyboard / optical mouse)
  Software English operation for time domain and frequency domain analysis, signal source, sine sweep analysis, etc. It can automatically generate WORD test report, signal and data display, storage, set test parameters and analysis functions.
  Operation system Windows 2000/ XP
  Accelerometer B&W Frequency range: 1-12000Hz Sensitivity: 50mv/g Temperature range: -24 - 250 ° C
BL-300 Cooling fan (with speaker) Fan power 1.1 KW
Flow 1404m3 /h
Wind pressure 1000Pa
Power supply 3 phase, 380V/50Hz, 15 KVA
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