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Light Fastness Testing Machine(Water Cooling Tester)

The light fastness testing machine is designed to assess the color fastness to light, weather, perspiration and alternate dark/light cycle, and it is applicable for a broad range of materials, such as textile, leather, rubber, plastic, paint, coating, auto interior, petrochemical products and so on. More specifically, this light fastness tester exposes specimens to sunlight, rain, mist, temperature change, humidity change and other simulated weather conditions to see their performance.

Standards of the Light Fastness Testing Machine
1. Textile: GB/T 8430, GB/T 12831, GB/T 14576, GB/T 8427, GB/T 1189, GB/T 9344, GB 150.7, GB/T 16422.1, GB/T 1865, GB/T 2423.24
2. Man-made board: AATCC TM16, ASTM G26, ASTM D2565, ASTM D4459, ASTM D6695, ASTM G155, SAE J1885, SAE J2412, SAE J2212, SAE J1960, SAE J2527, AATCC 169
3. Automotive interior: ISO 105, ASE J1885KJ, ISO 11341, ISO 4892, ISO 03917, ISO 11341, ISO 4892-2
4. Leather: PV 1303, PV 3929, PV 3930, DVM 0067- MA, HES D6601, NES M0135, TSL 0601G, GMW 3414, EDS-T-7415, D47 1431

Features of the Light Fastness Testing Machine
1. Our light fastness testing machine makes use of a 4500W water-cooled xenon long-arc lamp to realize high efficiency in converting electricity into light. Along with high transmission optical filters, less power is required when offering the same spectral output, thus realizing energy conservation and environmental protection.
2. Different test standards have different requirements for the light source, so this xenon weather meter’s irradiance is digitally displayed, real-time monitored and automatically adjusted, and bandwidth monitoring could be selected among several choices: 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm and 280-800nm.
3. Due to the proprietary lamp calibration technology (ZL201120297927.8), the irradiance system won’t be degenerated even after a long time of use.
4. Our light fastness testing machine sets the black panel thermometer (BPT) and black standard thermometer (BST) at specimen level to ensure test repeatability, while the intelligent climate control system takes advantage of ultrasonic humidifier, PTC humidifier and servo motor (for the control of air flow) to achieve closed loop control of chamber temperature, chamber humidity, black panel temperature and black standard temperature, thus offering a stable test environment for a long time.
5. This xenon arc light fastness tester uses a cooling water circulation system and a highly-efficient heat exchange system to dramatically reduce the amount of required cooling water.
6. Thanks to the ultra large test chamber and rotating sample rack, the total sample exposure area reaches up to 3500cm2, and this rack could be customized.
7. With the 10.4" touch screen and English/Chinese operation interface, our light fastness testing machine allows intuitive yet convenient operation, and it could monitor all critical status information in the form of animation, digits or plots. Moreover, our water-cooled fastness tester allows programmable stepped changes in irradiance, temperature, humidity and other test conditions without shutting down the machine.
8. All sample holders can be timed independently so as to test different specimens simultaneously, thus cutting down the total operation cost. For safety considerations, these timers are provided with power failure protection.
9. The light fastness testing machine has a communication interface for data transfer, and an A4 printer is optional.

Parts Figure

Operating Software

Technical Data of Light Fastness Testing Machine

Model GT-3000
Test chamber temperature range 20-93℃ (resolution: 0.1℃)
Test chamber humidity range Light cycle: 10-85%RH (resolution: 0.1%RH)
Dark cycle: 30-100%RH (resolution: 0.1%RH)
BST temperature range 35-125℃ (resolution: 0.1℃)
BPT temperature range (optional) 35-120℃ (resolution: 0.1℃)
Max. test time ≤10,000h
Irradiance (420nm) range and accuracy 0.6-3.08W/m2±0.02W/m2 (340nm, 300-400nm and 280-800nm are optional)
Rated power of xenon arc lamp 4.5kW
Rotating speed of sample rack 1-10rpm (adjustable )
Sample holder diameter Φ550mm
No. of specimens GB/ISO: 47 pieces
US/AATCC: 35 pieces
Timer range ≤10,000h
Lighting cycle ≤1000h
Spraying cycle ≤1000h
Power supply AC380V±10%, 50Hz, 10kW
Dimensions 1200×900×1800mm
Weight 360kg
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