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GT-D34 Wascator Automatic Shrinkage Tester

The Wascator automatic shrinkage tester is designed for measuring the shrinkage rate of various textile products after washing. It is also able to measure the relaxation rate and shrinkage rate of wool products after washing.

1. The Wascator automatic shrinkage tester is controlled by microcomputer. It can be conveniently operated via its large touch screen. It has a fully English menu.
2. Preset 1A~12A standard program. It also supports custom programs and can store them. The manual debugging function simplifies debugging.
3. The tester’s high precision pressure sensor can detect the water level stably with precision.
4. The variable frequency motor supports stepless speed regulation. The rotation speed for washing ranges from 20 to 99r/min. The rotation speed for dehydration ranges from 200 to 800r/min. They can be set digitally.

GB/T8629, GB/T8630, ISO6330/5077, FZ/T70009, BS4923, EN25077/26330, JIS L1909, IWSTM31,ISO19954, SATRA TM158


Model GT-D34
Washing model Front-loading, horizontal tumbling-box type
Diameter of tumbling-box Diameter of tumbling-box
Depth of tumbling-box 315±1mm
Number of lifters 3
Height of lifter 53±1mm
Rotating method normal model:
Clockwise rotating
Anticlockwise rotating soft model:
Clockwise rotating
Anticlockwise rotating
12±0.1s, pause 3±0.1s,
12±0.1s, pause 3±0.1s
3±0.1s, pause 12±0.1s,
3±0.1s, pause 12±0.1s
Rotation speed Washing 52r/min
Low spin (500±20)r/min
High spin (800±20)r/min
Fill water time < 2min (water in high level 13cm)
Drainage duration < 1min (water in high level 13cm)
Heating power 5.4±2%KW
Load weight 5kg
Load weight 5kg
Power supply Customizable
Instrument size 990×980×1450mm(L×W×H)
Weight 280kg


Standard accessories 1pc Water faucet
1pc Water inlet pipe
4pcs Foot margin
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