GT-C76 Formaldehyde Content Tester

The formaldehyde content tester is applied to rapidly detect the presence of formaldehyde in various types of textile products. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and testing for it is a safety measure.

1. The formaldehyde content tester uses a water extraction method to measure the formaldehyde value and absorbance value.
2. It is controlled by microcomputer and the measure result is shown on the LCD screen.
3. It can store multiple groups of standard curves and can automatically process the spectral data.
4. The formaldehyde content tester is equipped with professional control and analysis software. It can be connected to a computer and supports on-line operation.

ISO14184-1/2, AATCC112, GB/T2912.1-2009, GB18401-2010


Model GT-C76
Range and accuracy Transmittance: 0% - 100%
Absorbance: 0 - 2.0
Formaldehyde content: 2.00-500.00mg/kg
(sample dilution up to 5000mg/kg)
Light source 6V/10W, long tungsten halogen life reach 2000hours
Wavelength range 300-1000nm (adjustable)
Spectral bandwidth 5nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 2nm
Wavelength repeatability ± 1nm
Power supply Customizable
Dimensions 400 x 350 x 170mm( L x W x H )
Weight 8kg


Standards accessories 1pc English operation software
1pc Cable connect with PC
1pc Black calibration cuvette
1set Glass color matching container
1pc Power line
Optional accessories Optional Raveling machine
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