Colorfastness to Ozone

This equipment is designed to test the ozone resistance of textiles at certain temperatures and humidity levels. Ozone can cause color changes in certain fabrics depending on factors such as the dye, material, and level of exposure.


Model GT-D01B-1 GT-D01B-2
Temperature range (-20~150)℃
Humidity range (25~95)%RH
Temperature accuracy ±1.0℃
Humidity accuracy ±1%
Ozone density range (0~500)pphm (0~800)pphm
Ozone generation mode Static air discharge mode
Ozone control mode The flow can be controlled
Rotatable sample holder Speed: 1-20rpm
Inner dimension 40×40×50 cm
Standards GB/T 11039.3, ISO 105-G03, AATCC 109
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