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Elmendorf Tear Tester GT-C10BManual Elmendorf Tearing Tester

Elmendorf tear tester GT-C10B can be used for tear testing of materials such as textile, non-woven fabrics, paper, paperboard, film, insulated rubber tape, metal sheet etc.

    1. Electrical Insulation
    1. Non-Woven Fabric
    1. Fabric
    1. Paper Board
    1. Paper
    1. Thin Film

1. Manual Elmendorf tearing tester adopts LCD so that the operation can be simple and easy.
2. The MPU can automatically detect and analyze data. The testing precision is high.
3. This tester can meet the standards of GB/T3917.1-2009.
4. It is suitable for testing of tearing strength of various kinds of textile and other materials such as paper, plastic board, film, insulated rubber tape and metal sheet etc.



Test for Textile GB/T 3917.1, ASTM D 1424, DIN 53862, EN ISO 13937-1, ISO 4674-2, ISO 9290, M&S P29, NEXT 17, NF G07-149
Test for Paper GB/T 455, APPITA P 400, ASTM D 689, BS 4468, CSA D9, DIN 53128, EN 21974, ISO 1974, JIS P 8116, PAPTAC D9, SCAN P11, SNV 198482, TAPPI T414, UNI 6444
Test for Plastic GB/T 11999, ASTM D 1922, ISO 6383-2, JIS K 7128-2, NF T54 141
Test for Non-woven fabrics ASTM D 5734, WSP 100.1

Key Specifications

Model GT-C10B
Range of tearing force 0~16N (A)
0~32N (B)
0~64N (C)
Accuracy ≤ ±1%F·S
Rip Length 43mm
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz 20W
Dimensions (LxWxH) 400×210×395mm
Weight 30kg
Standards accessories Pendulum B (16N) 1pc
Pendulum C (32N) 1pc
Sample Template 1pc
Power Line 1pc
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