GT-C26A Hydrostatic Head Tester

The hydrostatic head tester is designed to determine the water penetration resistance of various types of fabrics under pressure. Some compatible materials include canvas, coated fabrics, tent fabric, geotextiles, and much more.

1. The hydrostatic head tester provides two different determining methods test these fabrics.
2. It comes equipped with a water tank and water pressure raising rate balance system which can ensure the stability and accuracy of the rising of water pressure so as to improve the accuracy of results.


Model GT-C26A
Testing range 500pa-200kpa
Water pressure increase rate 1kpa-30kpa
Accuracy 0.2%F.S
Specimen test area 100cm2, or 7.8cm2 (Option)
Testing mode Supercharge method, leaking method (set the pressure and time)
Testing unit pa , mmHg , cmH2O
Power supply Customizable
Dimension 600 x 450 x 640mm (L x W x H)
Weight 60 kg

AATCC 127, ISO 811, ISO 1420, GB/T4744, FZT01004, DIN53886, JIS L1092-7.1.1, EN20811

Standard accessories 1Set 100cm2 testing sets
1Set Calibration plate
2pcs Rubber ring
1pc Power line
Optional accessories Optional Fixtures of other testing range
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