Bursting Strength Tester GT-C12A

The bursting strength tester GT-C12A is used to measure the bursting strength and bursting expansion height of knitted and woven products, non-woven products, paper and paperboard by putting hydraulic pressure under elastomer diaphragm.

    1. Fabric
    1. Paper Board
    1. Plastic
    1. Paper

1.The bursting strength tester GT-C12A adopts hydraulic pressure testing method which can meet different standards of different countries. The tester is equipped with several replaceable testing grippers.
2.The tester adopts touch screen control system of which the interface is simple and operation is convenient.
3.The sample clamping is pneumatic so that it is convenient and there will be no sample slip during testing.
4.The testing cover is highly transparent PMMA. There is build-in LED lights so that the sample checking can be easy.
5.The bursting strength tester can automatically sense the bursting. It is sensitive and reliable. The bursting expansion height can be up to 75mm.
6.GT-C12A adopts AC servo driving system which features low noise and wide application range.
7.The bursting strength testing adopts constant speed bursting, constant expansion, constant pressure and constant time.
8.The machine is equipped with storage and printing functions. On-line operation is also supported.
9.It is equipped with on-line user interface and professional testing software which can be used for analyzing the testing results.

ISO 13938.1, FZ/T 60019, FZ/T 01030, ASTM D3786, BS 4768, WOOLMARK TM 29 WSP 30.1, JIS L 1018.6.17


Key Specification

Model GT-C12A-1 GT-C12A-2
Range 2.00Mpa 10.000Mpa
The min. Division value 0.001Mpa 0.003Mpa
Test area 7.3 cm2 (Φ30.5mm), 10 cm2 (Φ35.7mm), 50cm2 (Φ79.8mm), 100 cm2 (Φ112.8mm) can be option
Thickness of rubber diaphragm ≤2mm
Pressure speed 20ml/min - 600ml/min
Maximum expansion height 75 ± 0.02mm
Testing units Kpa, kgf/ cm2, atm, mmHg, lb/in2 free shift
Testing method Constant Rate Bursting, Constant Expansion, Constant Pressure, Constant Time Bursting
Output Printer, display output, and can be connected to the computer
Power supply AC 220V 50/60HZ 200W
Dimensions 550×450×700mm
Net weight 125kg


Standard accessories 1 set Test set of 7.3cm²(φ30.5mm)
1 set Test set of 50cm²(φ79.8mm)
1pc Wrench
1pc Stainless steel calibration plate
1pc Rubber diaphragm
1pc English operation software
1pc Cable connect with PC
Optional accessories Optional Other test set
Optional Rubber diaphragm
Optional Air compressor
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