Dry Washer

The dry washer, or dry cleaning and washing cylinder, takes advantage of tetrachloroethylene (PERC) to wash away fire retardant on the surface of textiles, thus getting textiles prepared for flammability test.

Features of the Dry Washer
Manufactured from imported stainless steel through punching process, the cylinder body is compact and without welding points. As a result, our dry cleaning cylinder can be placed in a ventilated cabinet to protect both operators and the environment from PERC.

Technical Data of Dry Washer

Model GT-C36
Cylinder capacity 11.4lL
Speed 47±3rpm
Revolving axle tilt angle 50±1degree
Working time 0-30min
Dimensions (L×W×H) 1050×580×810mm
Weight 72kg
Standards AATCC 162, 16 CFR 1610

Related Names
Textile Cleaning Cylinder | Dry Cleaning Machine

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