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Water Resistance Testing Machine(Hydrostatic Head Tester)

As a commonly used water resistance testing machine, the hydrostatic head tester accurately determines the resistance of fabrics to water penetration under pressure while firmly clamped in the test rig of 100cm2.

Hydrostatic tester is used to test the waterproof properties of fabric through waterproofing work such as canvas, coated fabrics, hood fabric, tarpaulin, rain-proof fabrics and geotextile.

1. The pressure using dynamic feedback regulation effectively prevent pressure overshoot.
2. Japan Panasonic servo motor and drive system, 16-bit A / D conversion.
3. Whole machine with aluminum alloy structure.
4. Sensor protection: automatic overload protection (automatic switching of multi-sensor range).

Key Specification

Model GT-C26B-1 GT-C26B-2 GT-C26B-3
Testing range 200kpa 500kpa 1000kpa
Pressure resolution 1 /10000 ;
Accuracy ≤1%
Control mode Touch screen control or tablet PC control (optional)
Testing modes 5 Test modes: P. Rise Const P & Timing Const timing & P Water Penetration Fatigue
Specimen area 100cm², or 7.8cm2 (Option)
Testing unit pa, Kpa, mmHg, cmH2O
Pneumatic clamping load 0-30000N (stepless adjustable)
Pressurized speed 0.01Pa to 10KPa/min (stepless adjustable)
Power supply AC 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions 420x580x700mm (L x W x H)
Weight 60 kg
Standards AATCC 127, ISO 811, ISO 1420, GB/T4744, FZT01004, DIN53886, JIS L1092, EN20811, EN 13726-3 

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