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Color Fastness Tester(Perspiration Tester)

This machine is applied for testing perspiration resistance color fastness of all kinds of textile materials & dyeing, colorful textile and test for their perspiration resistance, waterproof, seawater resistance, saliva resistance, chlorine bleach resistance, etamsylate resistance and other performance.

1. Steel frame and heavy pouch made of 316L stainless steel, it can acid-bases, corrosion resistance for long time.
2. Provides ISO and the AATCC acrylic separator plates.
3. Provides ISO and the AATCC standard pressing weights.
4. The test request to use high accuracy drying oven.

Key Specification

Model GT-D09
Weights A: 3.63kg(8LB), B: 0.45(1LB), C: 0.90kg(2LB, Pallet)
ISO Load A+B+C=11LB
Dimensions 165 x 75 x 145mm (L x W x H)
Weight 8 kg
Standards Perspiration GB/ T 3922, AATCC 15, ISO105-E04, JIS L 0848
Sea Water GB/ T5714, ISO105-E02, AATCC107
Water GB/ T5713, ISO105 E01, AATCC106
Saliva GB/ T 18886
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