Colour Fastness Tester

This machine is applied to test dyeing textile color fastness changing degree after washing, it not only do washing color fastness, but also dry washing color fastness test.

1. This machine design parameter conform to ISO, BS, AATCC, JIS & SDC those standards.
2. This machine’s box and its test cup adopt stainless steel material, it have anti-high temperature, acid-base, corrosion functions.
3. Equip with door safety switch, can protect from burning or injured.
4. Equip with procedure time counter, digital temperature controller, auto temperature & time control, it has alarm hint while experiment ending.
5. Can customize cup compound mode according to customers’ requirements.

Key Specification

Model D07A D07B D07C D07D D07E D07F D07G D07X
Cup composite mode 2A+2B 4A+4B 6A+6B 8A+8B 8A+12B 12A 8B Customized
AATCC cup volume (A) 1200ml
ISO cup volume (B) 550ml
Control mode LCD counter display
Rotation speed 40±2 rpm
Temperature control range RT to 100℃
Heating methods Electrical heating
Stainless steel balls ¢6mm
Stainless steel dry cleaning discs ¢30mm, Thickness: 3mm, Mass: 20g
Power supply 3∮AC 380V 50/60HZ
Standards ISO105-C01, C02, C03, C04, C05, C06, C08, C09, C10, D01, E03, E12 GB/T 5711, GB/T3921-1 to 5, GB/T12490 ; AATCC 3, 61, 62, 86, 132, 151, 190 JIS L0860, JIS L0844, JIS L0879; M&S C4A, C5, C37, P3B; BS 1006 NEXT 2,3,5 IWSTM 7,115,177,193, 240, 241; FTMS 191 Method 5610/5622
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