Rubbing and Color Fastness Tester

The Gakushin rubbing and color fastness tester is mainly used to evaluate materials’ color fastness to rubbing. It is a 6 station benchtop rubbing tester which includes clamps for sample attachment to moving platen as well as clams for weighted rubbing arm for attachment of rubbing material, and its cycle counter will stop the machine automatically at the end of test. In addition, test specimens are visually checked.

Technical Data of Gakushin Rubbing and Color Fastness Tester

Model GT-D06
Working positions 6
Rubbing finger surface radius R45mm
Rubbing finger contact area 100mm2
Rubbing finger track 100±1mm
Rubbing finger mass 200g
Auxiliary weight mass 300g
Specimen stage surface radius R200mm
Rubbing speed 30±2 rpm
Specimen dimensions 220 x 30mm
Power Supply Customizable
Dimensions 540 x 490 x 300mm( L x W x H )
Weight 80kg
Standards JIS L0823 Section 3.2, JIS L0849 Type2, JIS L1006, JIS L1084, JIS L 0862 Type2, JIS 10801, TSL5100G Section 4.8.1A, QB/T1646

Related Names
Gakushin Type Rubbing Tester | Gakushin Tester | Dyeing Rubbing Tester

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