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Pilling and Snagging Resistance Tester

The pilling and snagging resistance tester is used to evaluate the resistance of woven and knitted materials to pilling and snagging, and it is indispensable for clothes manufacturers because pilling and snagging, which are likely to take place after some time of normal use, are big issues that most consumers are concerned for.

ICI Pilling and Snagging Tester, to determine the surface pilling and snagging properties of both woven and knitted materials. It complies in full with the requirements of EN ISO 12945-1 and BS 5811, etc.

1. Simplified designing, more convenient to operate, and easy to maintain.
2. Synchronous speed motor drives the test boxes, ensuring constant speed of rotation.

Key Specification

Number of pilling boxes 2 Boxes 4 Boxes 9 Boxes
Rotational speed 60±2 rpm
Internal dimensions 235×235mm
Count range 0-99999
Polyurethane sample tubes External dia.: 31.5±1mm; L:140±1mm; Thickness: 3.2±0.5mm;
Power supply AC 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions (L x W x H) 120x 50x 50 cm 120x 50x80 cm 140x 50x 160 cm
Weight 40kg 60kg 180kg
Standards GB/T4802.3, ISO 12945.1, BS5811, JIS L1076, IWS TM152
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