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Snagging Resistance Tester(ICI Mace Snag Tester)

As a commonly used snagging resistance tester, the ICI mace snag tester rapidly detects the snagging resistance of fabrics in normal wear. The textile testing equipment is sometimes simply called snagging tester.

Features of the Snagging Resistance Tester
1. This mace snagging tester is supplied with a viewing cabinet, several comparison photographs, 2/4 test cylinders and 2/4 felt sleeves, that means both 2 head mace snag tester and 4 head mace snag tester are available. Moreover, the mace has many tungsten carbide points, and a digital counter is also employed.
2. Our snagging resistance tester allows users to preset the test cycle number, and it will stop automatically after reaching the predetermined cycle number. In addition, the length of chain is adjustable.

Technical Data of the Snagging Resistance Tester

Model GT-C17
Working position 2 or 4
Rotational speed 60±2rpm
Test cylinder dimension Φ82×210mm
Mace ball weight 160±10g, 11 points
Mace dimensions 10mm long with tip diameter of 0.13mm
Counter 0-9999 times
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 920×480 ×400mm
Total weight 106kg
Standards ASTM D3939, GB 11407
Standards ASTM D3939, GB 11407
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