Spray Rating Tester

Spray rating tester can perform a shower test to determine the resistance of fabric to surface wetting by water. Spraying quantitative distilled water on the specimen (at a 45 degree angle and 150 mm below) with standard nozzle. Then contrast and evaluate the specimen surface with the standard cards.

1. Made by stainless steel, the instrument is durable.
2. Special designed specimen ring clamp, operate easy and keep the result more objective.
3. The spray nozzle is a high precision machined component, ensuring the water flow complies exactly with the standards.

Key Specification

Model GT-C31
Funnel capacity 500ml
Specimen gradient 45degree
Distance between nozzle & specimen center 150mm
Spraying quantity 250mm
Dimensions 200x250x500mm (L x M x H)
Weight 6kg
Standards AATCC 22, ISO 4920
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