Snap Button Tester

The aim of snap button test is defined responsibility of garment manufacturer, make sure button, push-button and fixed accessories can fixed on garments suitable, avoiding button fall off garments & risk of infant eating. So, all the button, push-button & fixed accessories on garments must pass snap button strength test. This machine can do even and vertical tensile test of all kinds of buttons on garments. Test fastness degree of button reach relative security standard or not.

1. It is a simple but effective design mainly consisting of a high precision gauge, a sturdy required by standards & regulations is be fixed horizontally (constant force is applied to secure the sample) so that snap or other accessories attached in fabric can be clamped into.
2. Moreover, a standard weight is also offered so that it can be regularly checked if it meets the safety requirements.


Model GT-C09
Dimensions 26 x 31 x 82 cm
Net Weight 32kg
Standards 16 CFR 1500.51-53, ASTM PS79-96, D4846
Standard accessories 1pc IMADA Force Gauge FB-30K
1pc GT-MC01 Upper Universal Grip
1pc GT-MC02 Upper Stud Grip
1pc GT-MC03 Lower Fabric Clamp & Level Arm Locking
1pc GT-MC04 Lower Grasp Button Accessory Kit
1pc GT-MC05 Calibration Weight 15LB
1pc GT-M36 Three Pronged Grip
1pc GT-M43 Upper Long Nose Vise Grip
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