Vertical Combustibility Tester

Vertical combustibility tester is applied to determine the flammability resistance of vertically oriented fabrics and soft fabric toys.

System Composition
1. The tester includes electro valve, burner and micro switch ignition strand.
2. PLC controller, friendly man-machine interface and data analysis function.

Technical Data of Vertical Combustibility Tester

Model GT-C35B
Ignition time 0-99.99s (precision: 0.01s)
Burning time 0-999.9s (precision: 0.1s)
Burner size According to test requirements
Control system PLC controller
Data display Text display
Dimensions (L×W×H) 600×700×1200mm
Weight 60kg
Standards BS EN ISO 6940, 6941,15025, 14116, GB/T 5456,8746,
BS 5438, BS EN 1101,1102, 1103, BS EN 14878

Related Names
Flammability Test Equipment

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