Vertical Flammability Chamber

To measuring the vertical flame spread for children’s sleepwear, fabrics, other textile materials or resilient filling materials used in upholstered furniture of textiles.
Different accessories, burners and configurations are required for different standards. Please specify standards(s) required.

1. Stainless steel test cabinet with glass observation panel , durable and easy maintenance.
2. 3 time recorders, one record firing time, one record after flame time and the other one record afterglow time (accuracy 0.01s).
3. Control cabinet and burning box separate design which is safe and reliable.

Key Specification

Model GT-C35A-1 GT-C35A-2 GT-C35A-3
After flame time 0-999.9s resolution 0.01s
After glow time 0-999.9s resolution 0.01s
Burning time 12s (adjustable)
Nozzle Inner diameter 11mm 10 -0.5 mm
Angle 65 degree 90 degree
Dimension of specimen holder Out frame 422*89 *2mm 442*76*12.5 mm Flexible Foam holder
Inner frame 356 × 51 mm
Testing flame height 40±2mm 38mm
Distance between nozzle top and specimen 17mm 19mm
Tearing weights 54.4g, 113.4g, 226.8g, 340.2g 100g, 200g, 300g, 475g no
Power supply AC 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions 600 x 450 x 885mm (L x W x H)
Weight 44 kg
Standards CFR1615;CFR1616 GB/T 5455 ASTM D6413 CALIF TB-117
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