Shoe Stiffness Tester

As the name implies, the shoe stiffness tester is used to test the bending resistance of the shoes. The shoe stiffness testing machine is particularly suitable for the shoe in the size of 39, 42(France), and 6, 8 (UK). A fixture is installed to clamp the shoe front. The 1/3 of the forefoot shall be located at the spindle. Actuated by the motor, the belt pulley drives the rotating plate to exert 30N force on the shoe at the speed of 100mm/min. A decoder is engineered on the spindle of the footwear stiffness tester to detect the rotation angle of the rotating plate. The value obtained is then indicated on the display of the shoe stiffness testing equipment.

Technical Parameters of Shoes Stiffness Tester

Model GT-KA16
Load 30N
Bending speed 100mm/min(Adjustable )
Bending position 1/3 of shoe front
Motor AC variable speed motor
Angle resolution 0.1 degree
Force resolution 1/50000
Testing mode Angle testing with fixed force, force testing with fixed angle
Dimensions 50×45×53cm
Weight 40kg
Standards ISO 20344 8.4.1, GB/T 20991 8.4.1
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