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GT-KC13A Martibdale Abrasion Tester

The Martibdale abrasion tester is designed for determining the abrasion resistance of shoe uppers made from a variety of materials.


Model GT-KC13A
Control mode LCD Counter display
Abradant table ≥ ¢125mm
Lissajous figure 60±1 mm x 60±1 mm
Test Pressure A) Specimen holder: (198 ±2)g
B) Larger loading piece: (597±5)g
C) The sum mass: (795±7)g, for workwear, upholstery, bed linen and fabrics for technical use ( nominal pressure of 12kpa)
A) Specimen holder: (198 ±2)g
B) Smaller loading piece: (397±5)g
C) The sum mass: (595±7)g, for apparel and household textiles, excluding upholstery and bed linen (nominal pressure of 9kpa)
Exposed area of specimen holder 645 ± 5 mm2
Rotational Speed 47.5 ± 2.5 r/min
Pressing Weight Mass : (2.5 ± 0.5) kg
Diameter: Φ(120 ± 10) mm
Dimensions 62x 60 x 45 cm ( L x W x H )
Weight 80kg

ISO 20344 section 6.12, ISO 5470-2, ISO 12947
AS/NZS 2210.2 section 6.12
GB/T 20991 section 6.12
EN 344-1 section 5.14, EN 13520
ASTM D4966,
EN 388 Section 6.1


Standard accessories 1set Abrasion weight and holder
2pcs for each head Standard abradants fabric Φ165mm
Box of 60pcs Standard backing foam Φ44mm
2pcs for each head Standard woven felt discs Φ165mm
1pc Pressing weight
1pc Power line
Optional accessories Optional R1mm holder insert
OptionalStandard abrasion fabric Φ165mm
OptionalStandard backing foam Φ44mm
OptionalStandard felt discs Φ165mm
OptionalVSM P400 abrasion paper
OptionalGT-KD20 hydraulic rocker pressure tester
Optional(Cutter: Φ44mm, Φ165mm)
OptionalGray scale for color change
OptionalGray scale for staining
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