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GT-KA16 Shoes Stiffness Tester

The shoe stiffness tester is designed to test the bending resistance of finished shoes. It uses a fixture to clamp the foreshoe and then the equipment will apply 30 N to the shoe to determine its resistance to the force.

1. The shoe stiffness tester is operated using an LCD screen. It features easy operation and can display the testing result in digits.
2. The decoder on the shaft can sense the rotation angle of the turning board, with an accuracy of 0.1°.


Model GT-KA16
Capacity 200 N
Bending speed 100mm/min (adjustable)
Sample size French standard: Size 39, 42 ; British standard : Size 6, 8
Test load 30 N
Bending position 1/3 of shoes
Angle resolution 0.1°
Force resolution 1/50000
Measurement method Fixed fore to display angle
Fixed angle to display force
Power supply Customizable
Dimension (W×D×H) 50×45×53 cm
Weights 40kg

GB/T 20991 section 8.4.1
ISO 20344-2011 section 8.4.1
AS/NZS 2210.2 section 8.4.1
ISO 17707 section 4.2


Standards accessories 1pc Power Line
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