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GT-K19 Hook and Loop Fatigue Tester

It is applicable for repeatedly open and close motion for touch and close fasteners.

Install the hook and annular respectively on two rollers of this device. Stick them together under certain load and to generate repeated opening and closing motion through a certain times of forward and reversal rotating. After that, remove the sample and determine its peeling and shear strength testing on tensile tester.

Key Specification
Model GT-K19
Control method LCD Touch screen controlled
Sample dimension Length 540±10mm, width: 20~50mm
Upper idling drum Diameter 162.5±0.5mm
Under driven drum Diameter 160±0.5mm
Drum width 70mm
Clamp slot Width 4mm, length 55±2mm
Test speed 60±5r/min
Reversal intervals 30±5 s
Test load 1±0.1N/mm
Test times 5000 rpm
Power supply 1∮AC 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions( L x W x H ) 55 cm ×45 cm ×65 cm
Weight 55kg
Standards DIN 3415, BS EN ISO 22776, BS EN ISO 22777 SATRA TM123, GB/T3903.20, GB/T3903.21
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