Antistatic Footwear Tester

The antistatic footwear tester is generally used to test the electrical resistance of the antistatic footwear.

Technical Parameters

Testing Voltage 1000V DC
Measuring rang 4.000/40.00/400.0/2000MΩ (+4000MΩ measuring range at 1000V mode)
Min. Reading of Resistance 2.000MΩ
Short Circuit Current Max. 0.6mA
Low Resistance (Conductance) 0-400Ω: ±2% rdg±8dgt, open circuit voltage: max. 4V
Measurement of AC Voltage 0-600V, 50/60Hz, ±3% rdg±8dgt, input resistance:170kΩ
Display Digits: 4000, LCD bar chart/42seg, with back light
Sampling Rate 2 times/sec
Inner Electrode Material Steel ball of 5mm in diameter
Outer Electrode Material Steel plate
Main Body Size 20×16×19cm
Weight (approx.) 10kg
Power DC 1.5V×4
Standard Accessories Test cable×1, display cover×1, strap×1
Optional Accessories Probe of breaker
Standards GB 4385, ISO 20344, CAN/CSA Z195, GB/T 20991 Section 5.10, ISO 8782-1

Related Names
Footwear Testing Equipment︱Antistatic Performance Testing Equipment︱Shoe Testing Machine

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