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Shoelace Eyelet Abrasion Tester

The shoelace eyelet abrasion tester is designed to test the abrasion resistance of shoelace through repeated friction with eyelets. In addition, the shoe testing equipment can also be used for testing the abrasion resistance of eyelets to the shoelace.

Our universal shoelace eyelet abrasion tester is applicable for all kinds of shoes. The shoe lace passes through the eyelet clamped by the fibreboard. The angle between the shoe lace and the eyelet is 90° and the angle between the lace and the fibreboard of the abrasion testing machine is 45°. Under standard pulling force, the shoe lace is tightened and pulled repeatedly until the shoe lace is damaged.

Technical Parameters of Shoelace Eyelet Abrasion Tester

Model GT-KC03
Test capacity 6 sets
Load (weight) (455g±5g)×6pcs
Counter LCD, 0-999,999
Standard eyelet 1. Brass, inner diameter: 4.5mm
2. Fiberboard, inner diameter: 5.0±0.2mm
Stroke 76±2mm
Fibreboard 25×25×3mm
Distance between fixtures Max. 310mm
Test speed 100±5 cycles/min
Power supply AC 220V
Dimension (W×D×H) 57×58×41cm
Weight (approx.) 60kg (excluding weight)
Standards SATRA TM93
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