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Footwear Testing Machine(Water Penetration and Flex Tester)

The footwear testing machine combines the functions of both water penetration tester and flex tester. It is generally applied to test the bending resistance and water penetration resistance by simulating the circumstance of walking in water. The footwear testing machine is applicable for all kinds of footwear for the testing of material quality, shoe bonding, and some other performance.

Working Principle of the Footwear Testing Machine
This shoe flex tester bends the footwear in water contained in a clear polycarbonate tank. This product is equipped with twin station comprising two separate water tanks and two independent flexing mechanisms. Each station for the footwear testing machine has an independently controlled air cylinder to raise and lower the footwear in and out of the tank. A pre-determinate counter enables the water penetration and flex tester to be left unattended.

The whole shoe is placed on the shoe testing equipment for repeated bending. The counter on the panel will stop counting in case there is water penetrating the shoes. The data obtained indicates the water penetration resistance of the shoes. Or the machine will stop bending the shoe at preset bending times. In addition to the dynamic testing mode, this footwear testing machine also supports static testing method. The shoe can be located in water and calculating the time until the shoe is impregnated.

Powerful Testing Capacity
Two shoes can be tested synchronously. The automatic footwear testing machine is installed with one main counter and two independent sub-counters, to control the total bending times and the bending times of each tested shoe, respectively. The sub-counter will stop counting automatically for water penetration and record the bending times. Smartly designed, the footwear testing equipment is engineered with electronic sensor to judge if there is water penetrating the shoes.

Technical Parameters of the Footwear Testing Machine

Model GT-KA02-1
Test sample 2pcs (Respectively sensing)
Bending angle 0~50° adjustable
Test speed 0~150cpm adjustable
Counter PLC touch screen, 0~999,999
Power 1∮AC 220V 50/60HZ 3A
Dimension (W×D×H) 800×596×1220mm
Weight 150kg
Standards SATRA TM77
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