Shoelace Rubbing Tester

This machine is used to test the abrasion resistance for shoelace of cotton, hemp, chemical fiber or other materials.

Key Specification

Model GT-KC02A GT-KC02B
Test position 4 groups 6 groups
Control Touch-screen control, 0~999,999
Min. Separation between movable and fixed fixtures 280 ±50 mm
Movable fixture stroke 35± 2 mm
Test speed 60 ± 6 cycles/min
Sample loading gauge Angle 52.5degree; Length120 mm
Stainless metal strip W: 25mm, L: 250mm
Weight 250 ± 3g
Power supply Customizable
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 66 x 58 x 42cm
Weight 50 kg
Standards DIN 4843 SATRA TM 154 ISO 22774 QB/T 2226 GB/T 3903.36


Standards accessories 4pcs 250g Weights
4pcs Stainless metal strip
4pcs Clip
1pc Sample loading gauge
1pc Power line
Optional accessories Optional Standard eyelet
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