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Thermal Insulation Test Apparatus

The thermal insulation test apparatus, also called heat insulation tester, is employed to test the high temperature resistance of the shoe sole made of rubber, polymer, and other materials.

Testing Method
Firstly, users shall heat up the sand box for the heat insulation testing equipment to the temperature of 150°C. The contact part of the upper and shoe sole shall be covered with sand. Afterwards, users can record the changes of the insole temperature within 30 minutes. The accuracy of the data can be ±0.5°C.

Technical Parameters of Thermal Insulation Test Apparatus

Model GT-KB47
Sand bath size (40±2)cm×(40±2)cm, with the minimum height of 5cm
Sand granular size 0.3-1.0mm
Hotplate temperature 150° ±5° or 250°±5°
Heat-transfer medium Standard Ф5mm steel ball, 4kg in weight
Copper/copper-nickel thermocouple (Ф15±1mm)×(2±0.1mm) round copper disc
Temperature measuring and recording device Matched with thermocouple, with compensator
Temperature control accuracy ±2℃
Heating power consumption 2500±250W and higher
Max. temperature of hot plate 250℃
Dimension (W×D×H) 36×24×47cm
Size of testing area 250×460mm or 400×400mm
Weight 35kg
Machine size 105×45×55cm or 55×55×25cm
Standards ISO 8782-1, ISO 20344, GB/T 20991 Section 5.12

Related Names
Thermal Insulation Tester︱Material Insulation Testing Device

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