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Footwear Testing Machine (Fatigue Tester for Metal Fittings)


The footwear testing machine is designed to perform tests on the fatigue of steel shanks used in the production of high heels. It fixes the steel shank with two fixtures and bends the steel piece 4 times/second for a certain amount of time then inspects the shank for the degree of damage.


Model GT-KB46
Test position 4
Test speed 4 r/s
Hard steel plane height of lower fixture 32mm±2mm
Distance between connecting rod of upper fixture and lower fixture 70mm±2mm
Circular test load 49N±2N
Test clamp force 4900N.mm±50 N.mm
Control method PLC touch screen
Power supply Customizable
Dimensions(W×D×H) 500 ´ 450 ´ 800 mm
Weight 75kg
Standards GB/T 3903.35, GB 28011, ISO18895, EN 12958


Standards accessories 1pc Power line
Optional accessories Optional Torque wrench
Optional Air compressor

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Shoe Tester︱Footwear Testing Device

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