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Footwear Testing Machine(Stiffness Tester for Insole Fittings)

This selection of footwear testing machine is a stiffness tester for insole fittings. It is extensively used for testing the longitudinal bending resistance of the shoe shank. During testing, the heel end of the shoe upper is fixed and the weights are hanged on the front end. The bending condition of the shank can be measured as the reference during the calculation of bending strength.

Technical Parameters of the Footwear Testing Machine

Model GT-KB45
Length of lower clamping jaw 32mm
Top rake of lower clamping jaw 10°
Adjustable angle of lower clamping jaw 30°
Length of measuring clip 60±0.02mm
Thickness of front clamping plate 12mm
Dial gauge 0-10mm(min. scale: 0.01mm )
Weights (200±1)g×4
Dimension (W×D×H) 37×17×35cm
Weight 12kg
Standards SATRA TM58, BS5131/418, QB/T1812, T1813

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Shoe Shank Testing Device︱Shoe Shank Stiffness Testing Equipment︱China Shoe Shank Stiffness Tester Supplier

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