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Insulation Resistance Tester

As the name implies, our insulation resistance tester is generally used to determine the dielectric resistance of the shoes or other insulating shoe material. The material is tested with specific voltage for a certain time to obtain the voltage withstood.

1. The footwear testing equipment is designed in compliance with ergonomics. It is installed with protector and warning device.
2. The diameter of the conductive steel ball is 3mm, and depth of the inner electrode steel ball is over 30mm.
3. The steel test plate comes in the size of 40mm×20mm.
4. Our insulation resistance tester is engineered with the test space of 58×38×54cm.
5. For the power of 0.5kVA, the input voltage of the insulation resistance tester is AC220V and the output voltage is AC0-20kV. With the pressurization speed of 1KV/s, the dielectric resistance testing machine is capable of switching the speed into 100V/s automatically when the voltage reaches 75% of the preset value.
6. The test lasts for 1 minute and the test frequency is 60Hz.
7. Our insulation resistance tester is strictly produced according to ISO 8782-1, GB 12011-2000, CSA Z195, and GB/T 20991 Section 5.11 standard.

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