Seam Fatigue Tester

The seam fatigue tester is designed to measure the visual evaluation of yarn slippage and other types of failures in the three most commonly used upholstery seams - warp sewn to warp (wale to wale), filling sewn to filling (course to course), and warp sewn to filling (wale to course). The stresses at the seam are created by imposing a cyclic, impact, and penetrating load which fatigues the seam construction.

Technical Parameters of Seam Fatigue Tester

Model GT-KB40
Testing speed (0.4±0.03)Hz, (20±2)times/min
Test position 3
Drive mode Cylinder drive
Impact speed (0.4±0.03)Hz, (25±2)cycles/min
Testing times 7 000 cycles
Impact wheel mass 3.75kg (8.25LB)
Dropping height 150 mm (6 in.)
Testing sample 190mmx255mm
Power supply 1∮AC 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions 160x90x145cm
Weight 150kg
Standards ASTM D4033

Related Names
Upholstery Seam Tester︱Seam Fatigue Testing Machine︱Seam Fatigue Testing Equipment

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