Heel Fatigue Tester

Our heel fatigue tester is specially developed to test the resistance of high-heeled shoes and middle-heeled shoes to continuous impact. With certain power and impact frequency, the heel will be hit by the heel fatigue testing machine continuously until the heel is cracked. Thanks to our testing equipment for shoe heel, shoe manufacturer can understand the fatigue resistance, durability and quality of the heel, easily.

Technical Parameters of Heel Fatigue Tester
Impact power 0.68J
Impact frequency 60 cycles/min
Swing arm diameter 12.5mm
Impact hammer Φ57mm×20mm
Adjustable range of test piece holder Height: 0-90mm(vertical direction), 0-80mm (horizontal direction), angle: 0-180°
Impact angle 90°
Counter LCD, 0-999999, adjustable
Size (W×D×H) 60×40×65cm
Weight 80kg
Standards BS-5131 Section 4.9, SATRA PM20
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