Heel Impact Tester

The heel impact tester is generally used to test the resistance to the sudden impact by simulating the walking state of women. For the plastic heel with casting, the heel impact testing machine is also applicable for testing the tenacity of the plastic heel. The test piece is fixed on the sample holder. Both height and inclination of the sample holder for the heel testing equipment are adjustable. The impact force can be increased gradually, until the heel is cracked. The data obtained with our footwear testing machine is the impact resistance of the heel.

Technical Parameters of Heel Impact Tester

Model GT-KB14
Capacity 0~18.3J 0~19J
Min. scale 0.68J 0.5J
Striker head (L×W×T) (35 ± 2)×25×6mm (32 ± 1)×25×6mm
Striker head corner radius R3mm
Pendulum ¢108 , thickness 49mm
Pendulum shaft ¢25mm
Pendulum moment @ horizontally 17.3N.m
Adjustable range of base clamp (H)~25mm,angle 0~45degree
Dimensions (L×W×H) 65 ×41×115cm
Weight 101kg
Standards BS-5131-4.8, ISO 19953, QB/T 2863 SATRA TM20
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