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Shoe Sole Flexing Tester(Fibreboard Insole Flex Tester)

As one popular style of shoe sole flexing tester, the fibreboard insole flex tester is developed to test the flexing resistance of the insole material for leather shoes, leisure shoes, jogging shoes, and some others.

Under certain load, the test piece is flexed leftwards and rightwards with the angle of 90° continuously until the fibreboard is damaged. The bending times of sole is a good reference for judging the flex resistance of the fibreboard. Equipped with 1 spanner, our shoe sole flexing tester is a piece of useful footwear testing equipment for the shoe manufacturer to compare and select the fibreboard for the insole.

Technical Parameters of Shoe Sole Flexing Tester

Model GT-KB07 fibreboard flex testing machine
Test piece size 80×10mm
Upper fixture 6pcs
Weights with lower fixture 2kg×6pcs
Bending speed 60rpm
Bending angle 180 degree
Counter 6-digit LCD
Weight 80kg
Standards QB/T 1472, BS 5131: 4.2, SATRA PM3, PM4, PM5, PM6, PM15, PM16
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