Zipper Fatigue Tester

This machine was use to do a variety of zipper reciprocating tests, by tests in a continuous back and forth action, the ultimate aim is to test the zipper created a distance between joints, loose or connector failure, fluff, wear, etc.

1.Reasonable design, easy to operate
2.Equip with automatic counting device to complete test and automatically machine stop.

Key Specification

Model GT-C39A
Horizontal fixture width 25mm
Test speed 30cpm
Reciprocating stroke 75mm
Angle Open: 30degree. Close: 60degree
Counter LCD, 0-999999
Power Supply AC 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions 480 x 370 x600mm
Weight 61kg
Standards CNS -1083 , BS 3084 , QB/T2171
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