Slip Resistance Tester

Apply a predetermined load by different mediums like wood, PVC, ceramic tile or specified and set specified friction times and speed, which is to measure the sole friction coefficient, and then judge the slip resistance of shoes.

  • The slip resistance tester is equipped with computer and operation software, which is complied with ISO 13287, GB/T 28287, SATRA TM 144 standards. Client can choose the relative test method above mentioned, and also can specify custom settings for test parameters.
  • Comes with high precision load cell of Transcell (American Brand).
  • The slipping device is driven by a high power servo motor, which can speed up to a specified value in a short time.
  • The normal force application device adopts a low friction air cylinder of Japanese SMC brand, ensuring the standard specified value can be reached quickly.

Key Specification

Model GT-KB48
Vertical load cell range 1000N
Horizontal load cell range 1000N
Sliding speed (0.3±0.03)m/s
Static contact time 0.5s
Test normal force 500±25N, For footwear of European size 40 (UK size 6.5) and above
400±20N, For footwear of European size below 40 (UK size 6.5)
Wedge angle gauge 7o
Control method Computer-controlled
Monitor 19-inch
Test floor Pressed ceramic tile floor, stainless steel plate
Power supply AC 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions 180×90×130 cm
Weight 240 kg
Standards ISO 13287, GB/T 28287, ASTM F2913, SATRA TM 144, ISO 24267
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