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Chair back and arm Impact Tester

Chair back and arm Impact Tester

This impact tester is a simple piece of equipment used to measure the impact resistance of chair backs and arms.

1. The main structure of the chair back and arm impact tester is made of aluminum alloy and features a stable structure that can withstand the repetitive stresses of use.
2. The height of the impact pendulum is adjustable so as to measure chairs of various heights.

Model GT-LB11
Pendulum head diameter: ∅ 76mm, Weight:(6.5 ± 0.07) kg
Pendulum arm Steel tube ∅ 38 x T 2mm,Weight:2 kg ± 0.2 kg,Length:950mm
Impact times 10 times
Dimensions(W x D x H) 100×80×220cm
Weight Approx. 25kg


EN 1728-2012 Section 6.25, 6.26 EN581-2-2015 (EN1728-2012) EN 16139-2013 (EN1728-2012) EN 1729-2-2012 Section 5.3.8 BS5459-2-2000 Section A5.3, A7.4 GB10357-3 -2013Section 4.13, 4.14 ISO7173-1989 Section 7.11, 7.12


Standards accessories 1pc GT-LB01-7 Impact hammer
2pc Stops
1pc Stationary fixture
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