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Comprehensive Stability Impact Testing Machine GT-LD05

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This comprehensive stability impact testing machine is used for testing the horizontal impact stability of furniture. It is a comprehensive model of LD02 and LD04, including basketball impact device and sandbag impact device.
1. The tester can be easily installed on the baseplate of mechanical performance tester. It can also be fixed on the ground with expansion screws.
2. The column frame is made of 80x80mm high quality industrial aluminum. It looks beautiful and generous.
3. The weight of basketball striker can be increased.
4. The impact height is adjusted in the range of 200 ~ 1600mm to adapt to a wide range of products.
5. The height of sandbag is also adjustable.
AS NZS 4443 Test K,AS NZS 4610.3 Test O

Key Specification
Model GT-LD05
Impact bags Diam: ∅200mm
Weight: 22 kg
Basketball striker Weight: Max. 50kg
Cycloid length: 85±5cm
Pressure inside the basketball: 73.5±5kpa
Standard accessories Stops 2 pcs