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Bursting Strength Testing Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The computerized bursting strength testing machine is a piece of material testing equipment developed to determine the burst strength of woven/knitted fabrics, nonwovens, paper, leather and other materials by applying a hydraulic load under a rubber diaphragm of a specific area. With the help of a digital pressure gauge (with peak value hold facility), renewable rubber diaphragm, manual clamping device and forward/reverse/neutral drive system, this pneumatic bursting strength testing machine offers reliable performance with elongation measurement accuracy of up to 0.1mm.

Features of the Bursting Strength Testing Machine
1. Our bursting strength tester meets the requirements of new ISO standards, and it is fitted with professional testing software.
2. The pneumatic clamping devices help to reduce labor intensity, and sample slippage is avoided during test.
3. Due to the touch screen and English/Chinese HMI, our computerized bursting strength testing machine allows simple operation. In addition, on-line communication is also available.

Pneumatic Chuck: different test areas with different clamps

Technical Data

Product name GT-C12 Computerized Bursting Strength Testing Machine
Testing range (1%~100%) Model Model-2 Model-10
Measurement range 2.00Mpa 10.000Mpa
Division value 0.002Mpa 0.002Mpa
Test area 7.3cm2 (Φ30.5mm), 10cm2 (Φ35.7mm), 50cm2 (Φ79.8mm), 100cm2 (Φ112.8mm)
Elastic membrane thickness ≤2mm
Pressuring speed 10-500ml/min
Max. expansion rate 75±0.02mm
Measurement units Kpa, kgf/cm2, atm, mmHg, lb/in2
Test method Constant speed, constant pressure, constant expansion rate
Data output Printer, display screen
Dimensions 600×400×530mm
Weight 120kg
Standards GB/T 7742, FZ/T 60019, ISO 2960, ASTM D3786, ISO 13938-2