Electronic Twist Tester

The electronic twist tester is designed to determine yarn twist in single or plyed yarns, quadrant type with auto stop & reverse for conventional or untwist-retwist methods.

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Technical Data of Electronic Twist Tester

Model GT-A08
Length of sample 0-500mm(adjustable)
Range of twist testing 1-9999.9twist/10cm , 1-9999.9twist/m
Max length of untwisting 60mm (Showed by indicator)
Max contracting of twisting 20mm
Grip speed 800r/min and 1500r/min
Presetting tension 0.5-160.5cN
Dimensions 900 x 250 x 300mm ( L x W x H )
Weight 20kg
Standards GB/T2543.1.2, 14345, ISO2061, BS2085, ASTM D1422,1423, JISL1095
Optional accessories Wire printer 50

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Digital Twist Tester | Yarn Twist Tester | Yarn Testing Equipment

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