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GT-A02A Electronic Single Yarn Strength Tester

The electronic single yarn strength tester is used to measure the breaking strength and elongation of cotton thread, wool, twine, silk, chemical fiber and other yarns.

1. Various parameters can be set through the setting windows to test different material types.
2. The data can be grouped automatically according to your input parameters. The internal storage space is allocated dynamically.
3. The clamping distance is set by the input parameters. It can test the clamping distance without moving the positioning block.
4. Supports a timed stretch function. The stretch time can be set as needed.
5. The electronic single yarn strength tester can communicate by computer. It can use a professional software analysis system to analyze data and backup data.
6. The software can analyze the data in the breaking point. It is convenient for the mechanical test analysis of various materials.
7. Result data can be printed.

GB/T14344, GB/T3916, ISO2062, ASTM D2256


Model GT-A02A-1 GT-A02A-2 GT-A02A-3 GT-A02A-4
Load range 0-3000cN 0-5000cN 0-100N 0-300N
Testing range 1%-100%
Testing accuracy ≤0.2%F·S
Test speed 50~1000mm/min
Stroke space 800mm
Clamp distance 50~500mm,Digit set
Pr-tension 0-150cN
Machine drive Servo motor drive, Synchronous wheel, and precision ball screw drive
Power supply Ac220V±10% 50Hz 0.25Kw
Dimensions 520×400×1600mm
Weight 60kg


Standard accessories 1 piece Power cord
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