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Yarn Testing Machine(Electronic Wrap Reel)

The electronic wrap reel is a popular style of yarn testing machine which is used to produce skeins of yarn with a predetermined length and number of turns for length counting, strength/linear density testing as well as other purposes.

Features of the Yarn Testing Machine
1. This yarn wrap reel is controlled by a MCU, and its programming parameters, such as reeling speed and bobbin number, are pre-settable.
2. Due to the precision DC speed regulating motor and synchromesh belt, precise positioning is achieved.
3. Thanks to the numeric speed control panel, this yarn testing machine is able to work stably and consistently, while two startup modes (hard startup and soft startup) are provided to help avoid yarn breakage during startup.
4. The yarn testing equipment takes advantage of closed loop control and speed tracking system to offer uniform reeling speed even when mains supply fluctuates.
5. Our yarn testing machine comes with a yarn package stand, a pre-tension device and a predetermined counter to facilitate work.

Technical Data of the Yarn Testing Machine

Model GT-A06
Reel circumference 1000mm for metric system
54 inches for English system
Reeling speed 25-300rpm (pre-settable )
Interval of spindle 65cm
No. of yarn skeins 6
Reel turns 2-9999 rev (pre-settable )
Programmable stop 1-9 rev (pre-settable )
Traveling reciprocating distance 35±1mm
Pre-tension force 0-100cN (pre-settable )
Dimensions (L×W×H) 780×660×480mm
Weight 50kg
Standards ISO 2060, ASTM D1907, GB/T 4743, GB/T 6838
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