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Tensile Testing Machine(Single Yarn Strength Tester)

The single yarn strength tester is a kind of commonly used tensile testing machine used to determine a single yarn’s tensile strength and elongation at break, and it is electronically controlled.

Features of the Tensile Testing Machine
1. Our single yarn breaking tester has a dynamic data sampling frequency of more than 800Hz, so it is very easy to catch the peak value, thus revealing the property of textiles more precisely.
2. Thanks to the blue LCD panel, operators will find it extremely simple to select the required test module and test standard. Moreover, the tensile testing machine is designed with corresponding graphical icon on each button to indicate the button’s function.
3. The tensile strength testing machine makes use of Mitsubishi 16bit MCU and Mitsubishi 16bit AD converter to realize rapid data transfer without the risk of data jamming.
4. This tensile testing equipment real time displays min/max/average/RMS tensile force and other on-going test data, and the force unit can be switched among N, kgf, lb and cN freely.
5. As for data processing, our single end yarn strength tester also provides unrivaled performance. More specifically, test data can be sent to Microsoft Excel and are analyzed by the computer, then corresponding test report and diagram are generated by the computer and printed out by a bidirectional printer. What is more, several groups of test data can be plotted in one diagram to make comparisons.
6. Our tensile testing machine comes with a calibration file to simplify calibration process, and calibration data are revealed in the form of figure.

Technical Data of the Tensile Testing Machine

Model GT-A01
Load range 500cN, 5000cN, 10000cN, 20000cN, 30000cN, 50000cN
Load resolution 1/5000
Load accuracy ≤±0.05% FS
Data sampling frequency ≥800Hz
Speed range 10-1200mm/min
Elongation resolution 0.01mm
Max. vertical test space 900mm
Sample length 0-500mm
Presetting force 0-150cN
Data storage capacity ≥4000 tests
Dimensions (L×W×H) 670×450×1660mm
Weight 85kg
Standards ISO 2062, ASTM D2256, GB/T 14344, GB/T 3916

Standard Configuration of the Tensile Testing Machine

Model GT-A01-1 GT-A01-2 GT-A01-3
Sensor (5000cn)
Software -
Computer - -
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